Scarlet Black
100% Safety

Scarlet Back is completely committed to delivering the highest standard of fire safety.

Scarlet has been working as a professional fire artist since 2008 and has been featured at Ontario Place,
The Opera House, Nuit Blanche and The Pantages Hotel (St. Michael's Hospital Event) to name a few.
Scarlet Black has also organized and taught several fire safety workshops in the Toronto fire performer's community.
 Scarlet has a flawless safety record.

Scarlet can coordinate with your local fire department. Her safety methods have been approved by the
Toronto Fire Department. Scarlet is fully insured by The Speciality Insurance Agency.

This liability insurance covers property damage, injuries, medical expenses, etc. up to $3,000,000 in
both Canada and the U.S. A certificate of individualized insurance, which covers your venue, can also
be acquired. Please give 2 to 3 business days to obtain this extra insurance.

For added precaution, Scarlet always performs with a professionally trained fire safety technician.
The fire safety tech oversees the fuelling station, the performance and guarantees a fire extinguisher
and fire blankets are on hand.

When working with fuel, all fuel is safely stored and completely contained at all times. Each tool is
carefully examined and all access fuel eliminated before each performance. To avoid setting off
fire alarms, a smokeless fuel can be used.

Scarlet follows the highest safety standards and protocols to ensure a safe and memorable fire performance.

For further information and any questions concerning the use of fire at you event,
please contact Scarlet at demonessscarlet [a]

Scarlet with fire hoop